TOKSEL, OkhalDhunga

Toksel is a beautiful district in Nepal that spans from the Dudhkoshi River to the top of a 1,000 meter high hill.  The people in this district currently walk one hour up or down the hill to get their daily supply of drinking water. In addition to this rigorous walk, the amount of water they can take is becoming scarce as the local spring has been drying up. Since the hill of Toksel is very steep, the only solution would be to pump the water from the river back up the hill. The water would first pass through a filtering system and then become disbursed to the different villages. The people of Toksel cannot afford to engineer and implement this water system.  Consequently, they must ration their water supply when it does not rain.

Water Catchment

The Nepal Club is currently raising money to install a water pump system (described above) which would allow constant access to drinking water.  The cost of this water system is $20,000. With each additional $5000 raised, a water access point can be created. We plan on building the first water access point at the Shree Manokamana school - the same primary school that had a meal program implemented thanks to your donations. 


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