Sanjeevani School


Below is a film made by Skylar Jennings, a student from the United Nations International school who traveled to Nagarkot, Nepal to teach the students at Sanjeevani School English and Math. He wanted to make this short film to raise awareness of the Halede children and help raise money for the construction of a new school building.

Sanjeevani is an elementary school in Halede village in Nagarkot, Nepal ranging from kindergarden to the 5th grade.  The school consisted of 5 classrooms built with concrete walls and no electricity.  It received plumbing for drinking water in 2013 and in 2015, the Nepal Club instituted a meal program.  There are around 60 students students at the school, and on average, they walk 2 miles each way to get there.  All of the students are from the Untouchable class, which are a group of people who live below poverty level and can afford one meal a day. Without education, they will eventually become laborers or farmers.  However, an education can open the doors for these children to many occupations.

Right after the meal program was established, the earthquake hit in 2015, destroying the school.  The government declared it unsafe, and the school had to be demolished.  The first picture shows the school circa 2015, the second picture shows the empty space where the old school was and where the new school will be constructed.  The school is now in a  temporary aluminum sided structure that the pictured below.

In 2017, the Nepal Club successfully raised enough money to rebuild Sanjeevani school!  The new building will have two stories with eight classrooms including a library.  We want to thank all our donors for making this possible! Below are recent pictures of the construction of the school.